Martin Patrya, Président

About us

Since its founding in early 2000, Agences JOB Industriel Inc. represents some of the best cutting tool manufacturers, various abrasive and industrial supplies, such as markers, brooms and brushes, and is also involved in the distribution of sanitary products and maintenance equipment.

Our goal is to provide an excellent bilingual (English and French) sales representation service in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario by contributing to increase sales and reach objectives for manufacturers, distributors and users. We strive to achieve this through teamwork and partnership, through communication, courtesy and respect.

Agences JOB Industriel Inc has a warehouse in Deux-Montagnes, just North of Montreal. We offer private labeling services on some of our products, also printing of brochures and leaflets that help our distributors in promoting our products and organize "open house" events for example. We are able to provide professional French text editing before printing.

Various methods are used to help our customers increase their knowledge of our products and help in problem solving. This could include conference calls, training sessions and private or group demonstrations on products, support and personal assistance when visiting clients-users accompanied by the distributor or representative. Our flexibility makes us adapt to different needs or requirements characterizing our vast territory.

Yours truly,
Martin Patry, President